Our driving force is Innovation, quality, and service and has been our watch word since our incorporation. Our services are listed below:

Computer sales and repairs
Point of sales systems
Web design and hosting
Graphic design
IP surveillance and digital security
Cheap International call, Mobile marketing and SMS aplication solutions ( comming soon)
Mobile Web design

Networking and Internet Connectivity

We have solutions and experience in the field of networking with a fast internet connection using one of the various internet service providers. The installation and configuration of a local or wide area network in an institution or business enterprise is of immense importance regarding the sharing of resources and dividing a large network into smaller units while allowing expandability and upgrade. This is very necessary as it tends in promoting dynamism and efficient work force. We also provide the installation and configuration of servers and virtual private network connections allowing people to work from home or geographically dispersed location.

With a proven track record in the field of Information technology and our experience in rendering network services to both the government and private sectors, we provide security solutions in protecting the network as the confidentiality of data becomes more of a necessity in the day to day running of the office.

Computer and Data Security

Having a computer running with confidential data without a security solution in place is as good as losing your data and also makes a network vulnerable to hackers. At Drew Systems, our team of engineers has put in place an internet security check solution which automatically updates all data on computers running on a network to a secure network storage disk behind a firewall as this makes the system difficult for both potential hacker and virus attacks.

IP Security Cameras

Our new IP surveillance camera system comes equipped with features like motion detection, pan and tilt, live streaming audio and video capture and is ideal for the home and business. Its 128-bit AES encryption and keeps information secure and dynamic DNS assignment means that it can be used in DSL environments.
Now homes and business owners can monitor activities of their assets and properties from a remote location when on holiday or business trips and our system can also be programmed to send sms and video feeds once a motion is triggered.

Web Design and Hosting

Having a solid business online presence is a very important tool in today’s business world. Goods and services change hands online faster and facilitate a two way communication between the business and its clients.
Our web designing team comes up with solutions ready to fit into any business and can turn your ideas come alive and online in minutes. With the use of professional CSS styles, flash animations and incorporating eCommerce solutions into your business can have an enhancing effect in your turnover.

Software Development

We are involved in the development of software and office applications which easily integrates into your existing system. Our solutions can be used in different business environments such as Hotels, Hospitals, restaurants, office, data base records, data archiving, airports and small businesses.

IT Maintenance

Over the years, our investment in computer hardware and accessories has greatly increased as the need in rendering professional and quality service to our clients arises.
Hardware and software solutions designed to the demands of the clients are of importance to us in ensuring our clients receive the best in our services. Computer repairs, maintenance and cleaning of IT equipment can be fully entrusted to our qualified team of engineers as prompt delivery of service can be guaranteed.

Sales of Computer and IT equipment

Our principal concern and key to our success for over 6 years in the field of IT services has been total customer satisfaction. The focus of this core philosophy includes advancing technology in the IT industry and forging close customer relationship to ensure our common goals are met.
Drew System provides turnkey services of computer and IT equipment for various clients as we have partnered with leading brands and manufactures of IT hardware in making sure our customers obtain first hand materials directly from the manufacturer. Some of our materials are desktop computers, laptops, network Printers, projectors, memory, back up hard disks, power supply, IP surveillance camera, inks and Toners and usb drivers.


The advancement in Information and communication technology raises the need for regular updates on computer systems and network configurations. With our experience in this sector, we offer after sales support and training to our clients after every new installation of networks or systems, this facilitates a two way communication between us and our clients.
Numerous institutions has greatly benefited from us and reduced their expenditure on continued purchases of new IT equipment after adopting our systems and Technology.