Drewsys Projects

Over the years we have had the opportunity in our region in spreading the developemental word and setting up various projects for both Government and the Private sector.

We are particulalry interested in bridging the gap existing between the larger population worldwide who are in desperate need of reliable infrastructural and technological advancement in ICT.

With this in mind, we strive in being in the forefront of this challenge and always determined in developing new projects needed in these areas and sectors.

New advancemnts in ICT can be compared to a high speed electronic train running across the continet from region to region, hence our interest in the creation of developemental projects which aids both the end user and governemnt agencies in all levels.

All our services and projects are all designed in-house and we always work hand-in-hand with our clients from the initial stage to project completion.

Some of our projects

eLectronic Archive Systems

Patient Management Systems

Visitors Management Systems

Student Management Systems

Human Resources Management Systems

Mobile Point of Sales Systems

Electronic Task Scheduler

Office Automation Systems

Cheap International Calls and SMS Applications - Comming Soon