Office Automation System

Office automation system (eOffice) is software used in the management and processing of documents and in large offices and corporations where the tracking of documents entry and exit are very important. Office Automation system collects, processes, stores and transmits data and information in the form of electronic office communication.

It could also be considered as a computer-based information system that collects, processes, stores and transmit electronic messages, documents and other forms of communication among individuals, work group and organizations.

Office Automation refers to the combination of tools available to create, store, manipulate and relay office information over a network. A millennium compliant office must be using one form of office automation system or other which can save time and money while reducing paper waste and power consumption.

At Drewsys, we believe that an office management system is essential for organizations to stay up to date on the latest, most innovative business processes. Whether you are a small, local business or a large corporation, a centralized document and communication management portal can help your company grow, develop, and run smoothly every day.

What our system can do for you:

  • Create efficient workflow processes that manage the entire lifecycle of a document;
  • Improve the speed at which document intensive processes are conducted;
  • Minimize document loss and information leakage;
  • Utilize electronic document formats more often in internal and customer transactions;
  • Organize information and documents with electronic document management systems and processes;
  • Improve operational efficiency and customer service levels;
  • Accompany the process of documents right from entry at the reception to dispatch;