Mobile Point of Sales System

We have a robust mobile point of sale systems for use in any kind of business ensuring you have total control either on the road, at home or in the shop all online and mobile. The system is totally web based and adapted to fit into any smart phone, pc, and laptop or handheld.

It works across all operating systems, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Apple, and all mobile devices. The uniquely designed mobile online pos app requires no software installation for mobile access.

To access the mobile pos app, users simply tap on the app icon their Smartphone or mobile device and it automatically redirects to the login screen of the app. They can login and view their daily sales while not in the shop, see the progress of business, make orders, view employee sales record for the day, see items in stock , create sales and even create or block sales staff.

Sales has never been this easier with our mobile pos app. Once purchased, the user is given an administrator password and their business name and address integrated into the system. They can make changes; create users, sales staff, input goods and services, etc.

The system is equipped with a detailed accounting module which records everyday transactions in the general ledger. You do not need to export your data to an accounting package, because all the accounting is maintained automatically with our mobile POS system.

System Major Functions

- Client management
- Supplier management
- Stock Control
- Item categorization
- Serialization of stock
- Sales
- Purchases
- Returns
- Orders
- Deliveries
- Stock Movements
- Re-order levels and automatic purchase orders generations
- Service repairs
- Accountings
- Shipments