Our Electronic archive system is a multi-platform database application designed to assist co-operate organizations, government agencies and large scale businesses with a high volume of information requiring security. This software is multi functional and combines the storig of paper documents in an electronic format for future retrieval, a database of daily usage of the application and also for the automatic generation of secured dcuemnts e.g( certificate, licences, confidential letters).

The System when installed in the office environment gives users a flexible and timely mode of operation when it comes to sorting and searching of files and folders stored in physical file cabinets. The system takes control of the physical file cabinets and manages the information of data stored in those cabinets. That is to say, whatever filename stored in the electronic archive must be on the same cabinet in the physical location in the office.

eArchive comes preinstalled with two modules for both Administrators and users of the system . It has two versions;

1. eArchive Standard

2. eArchie Enterprise

eArchive Standard

This is a standalone desktop application for use on a single computer among users of same computer. The application comes with an embedded database and two user accounts for an administrator and a user. Both hard and digital copies of documents, invoices, receipts, payments, certificates, scanned documents and all confidential business data can all be archived electronically in the system for easy retrieval and safe keeping.

This version shares the same functionality as the Enterprise version but it is standalone. Users can use the search facility to search for files stored in the system using keywords such as the date the document was entered, the name of the document, type; folders stored and even the physical location in the office.

eArchive Enterprise

This version of eArchive is for companies and businesses that process very large sources of information on a daily basis. These data can be in papers or soft copies running on computer systems spanned across the entire company network.

eArchive enterprise is network ready and works across all browsers and has a compatible mobile version enabling users to work or access the system even when not in the office securely. The system is protected by a login form restricting unauthorized users from accessing the system and all users are created by an Administrator.

Once logged in users are presented with a dashboard for performing daily task such as creating a new archive process, searching for files, folders or setting up a print job from already stored data. There are no limits to the number of users that can be installed on the system.


The application comes with a FTP program and a remote database with a size from 500Gb to 5 Terabytes. (Depending on your paid subscription package) any type of office files, images, videos or music can be stored in a secured remote location and accessed with an encrypted password which only authorized personnel’s can have access.

The application has a friendly user interface and can be deployed immediately after purchase. There are enormous disadvantages of storing important office documents in a local computer hard drive these days due to theft or arson on the physical location of the computers as this result to a complete loss of data and sabotage.

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