Task Management System

Electronic employee task scheduler (eTask) Online Task Management System is an easy to use web based task manager designed for companies, government and project managers who have the need in distributing task to field agents and staff on a daily basis.

The project is developed with flexibility in mind and helps organize and assign tasks. Adding users, Adding groups (team), sending mails to the users, building user details, user groups, option to view groups and knowing the status of the employee are the main features of this project.

Field agents/employees can easily check work schedules on a daily basis anytime and anywhere from their web-enabled smart phones. The online task system and mobile site works across all operating systems, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Apple, and all mobile devices. The uniquely designed online scheduling app requires no software installation for mobile access.

The application can be accessed from a mobile-friendly website, a desktop computer and a tablet. User access is restricted by a secure login form where only registered users can access the application. Employees and staff simply tap on the eTask app icon on their Smartphone or mobile devices and the app starts immediately.

Users can login and view their work schedule just as they would from any PC-based Internet browser. They can browse their schedule week by week or click the date button to view any schedule date. With this launch, checking work schedules “on the go” could not be simpler or easier.

Benefits of the online Job Scheduler
  • Saves time and creates your schedule faster than you currently do, allowing more time for other responsibilities;
  • Reduced paperwork to keep track of and less to lose. No more scraps of paper with time off requests ;
  • Reduced schedule errors. Eliminate many of the common scheduling errors (scheduling people on their day off,too many hours, too few hours, etc.);
  • Online Access .You can access/create/modify/view the schedule from any computer with internet access;
  • Improves Communication Instantly. Publish schedules to all employees, make announcements on the company message board and send internal email messages guaranteed to never be lost;
  • Happier Employees. Customized schedules based on their availability and access to the schedule at any time and place;
  • Labor Costs. Closely track expected labor costs by schedule;